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Agroton Public Limited, one of the largest and most diversified agricultural producers in Eastern Ukraine, has completed its 2012 winter wheat harvest. The Group harvested 140,349 tonnes of wheat from 43,327 hectares of land, with an average yield of 3.24 tonnes per hectare. This represents a performance premium of 15.3% compared to the Ukraine’s national winter wheat harvest yield for 2012 (equal to 2.81 tonnes per hectare according to publicly available industry data such as compiled by APK Inform-Agency). It additionally corresponds to an 18.6% per hectare yield increase compared to the Group’s 2011 winter wheat harvest (equal to 2.73 tonnes per hectare).
The Group’s winter wheat harvest was largely unimpaired by weather conditions. Agroton planted 43,327 hectares of winter wheat, among which 40,698 hectares were unaffected by weather and rendered an average yield of 3.37 tonnes per hectare. The remaining 2,629 hectares were partially damaged by frost and produced an average yield of 1.21 tonnes per hectare. 
Agroton’s superior 2012 winter wheat crop yields resulted in a higher harvest output (140,349 tonnes) compared to the Group’s 2011 harvest output (120,452 tonnes). The Group’s harvest output grew 16.5% y-o-y.
Yuriy Zhuravlev, CEO of Agroton commented: “On behalf of Agroton, I am pleased to report that our 2012 winter wheat harvest outperformed the Ukrainian market and was largely undamaged by weather effects. We anticipate continued strong results this year as we continue to meet higher growth and financial performance objectives.”