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Larisa Orlova has been named the new Chief Financial Officer of Agroton PLC, starting on 12th of October 2011, replacing previous CFO Andrey Anpilov.
Agroton has also created a new Head of Investor Relations position, which has been assumed on October 12th by Markian B. Senyk.
Larisa Orlova is a graduate of Lugansk Agricultural Institute and holds a master’s degree in accounting. She began her career as an accountant in the finance department of KSP Luch and then served as chief accountant for the agricultural company Crepie. She has been with Agroton since 1999, and has served as Deputy CFO since 2005.
Markian Senyk was born and raised in Philadelphia and has lived and worked in Ukraine since 1995. During the past three years, he has served as Executive Director - Corporate Finance at Kyiv-Atlantic Ukraine, an integrated agri-business company. Previously he acted as Finance Director of the international media and advertising holding company Atlantic Group, and as Vice President of the Industrial Bank of Japan (now Mizuho Financial Group) in New York where he was primarily responsible for the bank’s relationship with Fortune 500 companies. Markian earned a B.S. in Economics at the Wharton Business School, a Bachelor of Applied Science degree at the University of Pennsylvania, and an MBA in Finance at New York University.