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Agroton purchases sunseed for 45,000-ha seeding campaign

Agroton Public Limited (“Agroton” or “the Company”) has contracted to buy sunflower seeds for its 2010 spring seeding campaign, with delivery set for February 2010. The Company has purchased sunflower seeds from leading international producers Syngenta, Pioneer and Kosad in an amount sufficient to seed 45,000 ha.

“Agroton is the number one sunflower seed producer in Ukraine and logically one of the largest buyers of sunseed for sowing in Europe,” said Agroton CFO Andriy Anpilov. “It is a very cost-effective decision for us to buy a large amount of sunseed for our 2010 spring seeding campaign since it helps us take advantage of bulk discounts and favorable prices as proposed by suppliers.” Anpilov added that the purchase of quality sunseed from leading producers will increase the predictability of Agroton yields and improve the company’s margins in sunflower seed production in 2010.

The Company is currently engaged in fertilizing of winter wheat with ammonia nitrate, with 15,000 ha of winter wheat having already been fertilized, and plans calling for the coverage of over 22,000 ha by the end of February.