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Implements Closed Poultry Production Cycle

Agroton Public Limited successfully installed Van Hoof Bladel BV (Netherlands) equipment in 7 parent stock poultry houses (for rearing stock). At that stage Agroton concluded agreements for installation of gas and electricity infrastructure in the constructed poultry farms. Rearing poultry in new poultry farms is to start in March-April 2010.

Agroton Public Limited has already launched the second stage of Poultry Expansion Program which envisaged increase the number of parent poultry farms for 8 additional to 15 farms. These new parent farms will be used for the production of hatching eggs. Van Hoof Bladel BV equipment will be installed in new parent stock poultry houses. The launch of this industrial platform will take place in August-September 2010.

New parent poultry houses will close the poultry production cycle (parent stock – hatching eggs – poultry production). It is expected that the new parent poultry houses will not only secure for 100% the supply of 9 million hatchery egg but also improve the marginality of the business segment for additional 7%-10%.