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Agroton Public Limited, one of the largest and most diversified agricultural producers in eastern Ukraine, has completed its sowing campaign for winter crops in line with production plans.
This autumn, Agroton sowed about 52,000 hectares with winter crops, including 48,553 hectares with wheat, 2,000 hectares with rye, 1,000 hectares with barley and 400 hectares with rapeseed.
At the beginning of spring Agroton intends to sow an additional acreage of about 103,000 hectares. The company plans to sow 49,000 hectares with sunflower seeds, 14,500 hectares with corn and 7,000 hectares with sorghum. About 20,000 hectares of land will be left fallow. In addition, the group will plant 12,000 hectares to grains intended for animal feed.
Last year the planting figures were as follows: 45,000 hectares with wheat, 38,800 hectares with sunflower seed, 9,300 hectares with corn, 4,400 hectares with sorghum, 1,900 hectares with rapeseed, 1,700 hectares with barley, 900 hectares with rye, 7,000 hectares with livestock crops and about 25,000 hectares of fallow land.